Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

Child sexual exploitation is a form of child abuse. It occurs where anyone under the age of 18 is persuaded, coerced or forced into sexual activity in exchange for, amongst other things, money, drugs/alcohol, gifts, affection or status. Consent is irrelevant, even where a child may believe they are voluntarily engaging in sexual activity with the person who is exploiting them. Child sexual exploitation does not always involve physical contact and may occur as online abuse.

Victims of CSE can be from any background and can be male and female.

What should I do if I have concerns about CSE?

If you are concerned about child sexual exploitation you can find more information in the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Procedures.

Always discuss your concerns with the senior person in your organisation who is responsible for safeguarding and child protection. 

If you are a young person, parent or carer, you can contact Children's Social Care to discuss your concerns on the numbers below. 

If you are worried about the immediate exploitation of children and young people, please report it to the police on 999.

Concerns about a child who may be sexually exploited should be reported to

Children's Social Care on 01332 641172 or

Careline (out of office hours) on 01332 786968 or

Police on 101.

CSE Risk Assessment Toolkit

You can assess the levels of risk of child sexual exploitation using the Derby and Derbyshire CRE Risk Assessment Toolkit

Some of the tools can also be downloaded separately:

A CSE Pathway can help practitioners understand the decision making processes when considering a case.

Every agency has an identified CSE Champion and/or safeguarding lead who will be able to provide CSE advice and support.

You can also contact a Child Protection Manager who can provide advice about concerns about CSE.

Child Protection Manager                 01332 642376
Child Exploitation Investigation Unit (Police)            01773 572713   
Sexual Assault Referral Centre 01773 573840/1
Safe and Sound Derby 01332 362120
Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Advocacy Team         07812 300927
Derbyshire LGBT Plus (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline)            01332 207704
Victim Support 01332 349 956

The range of services available 

The CSE Service Offer explains the services that are available in Derby depending of the needs of the young person and the level of risk.

Information for young people and parents

Information for young people attending a sexual exploitation meeting explains what happens at Child Sexual Exploitation Meetings, how they can be involved and who will be there.

Sexual Exploitation - Parents explains what happens at Child Sexual Exploitation Meetings and how they as parents or carers might be involved.

Safe Speak

Safe Speak provide help for children and young people aged 5 - 10 years old and 11 - 18 years old. You can phone Safe Speak on

0800 093 5264 (free from landlines) or 01332 349301 

Safe Speak help children and young people with problems with family, friends, bullying and anything that is causing a worry

Safe and Sound (Derby)

Safe and Sound provide support directly to children, young people and families in Derby and Derbyshire affected by the abuse and work to ensure that individuals receive the support they need to move forwards in their lives.

CSE Training

The DSCB multi-agency training programme includes courses about CSE.

Lucy's Story

The DSCB has produced two CSE films 'Lucy's Story'  and 'Learning from the Family' which can be used to raise awareness of CSE with staff groups and with older students. The films are available in English, with British Sign Language, Polish and Roma. For more information please see Additional Training Resources.

Alright Charlie?

A free national gender free CSE resource for primary schools, which includes a film, guidance for professionals and a workbook for pupils. See the BLAST website

Kayleigh's Love Story 

Resources to support Derby secondary school's facilitate Kayleigh's Love Story events with their students are available here.

CSE Strategy and Annual Reports

The way in which agencies have agreed to work together to address child sexual exploitation is outlined in the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Children at Risk of Exploitation Strategy and reported annually:

Derby and Derbyshire Children at Risk of Exploitation Strategy 2018

CSE Strategy Annual Reports:

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Annual Report 2017 to 2018

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Annual Report 2016 to 2017

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Annual Report 2015-2016

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Annual Report 2014 to 2015

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Annual Report 2013 to 2014

'Say Something if you See Something' campaign

Agencies in Derby have signed up to the national 'Say something if you see something' campaign. This campaign, set up by the Children's Society in partnership with the National Working Group has been devised to assist licensed premises to protect children and young people (under 18's) from sexual exploitation, trafficking and other forms of child abuse.

In Derbyshire the responsible authorities (Police, Safeguarding Children Boards, Licensing and Trading Standards, and Environmental Health) and the local licensed trade will work together to have safe and reputable premises where children and young people using those facilities are protected.

'Say something if you see something' resources:

For further information about this campaign, please contact the CSE Child Protection Manager tel: 01332 642376.

Child Sexual Exploitation Learning Review of Operation Fern

The Derby Safeguarding Children Board carried out a learning review of following a police operation leading to the arrest and prosecution of 12 males for sexually exploiting girls in Derby. The Learning Review Summary: Operation Kern 2013  sets out the findings of the review.

National Resources 

Child Sexual Exploitation: definition and guidance for practitioners (2017)

Department for Education guidance outlining the definition of CSE, potential vulnerabilities and indicators of abuse and appropriate action to take.  

Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (PACE) 

Pace helps parents across the UK understand what is happening to their child and how parents are the prime agents in helping their child exit exploitative relationships. 

NWG Network

The NWG (formerly The National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People) is a Charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 12 000 practitioners who disseminate information down through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking within the UK.

The NWG Network covers voluntary and statutory services and private companies working in this field. NWG offer support, advice and raise the profile, provide updates, training, share national developments, influence the development of national and local policy informed by practice. 

Key Messages from Research on CSE

The Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse have produced a number of short key message from research bringing together current research on CSE and the implications for practice and commissioning. 

Spotting the signs of Sexual Exploitation: Film

Health Education England has produced a video aimed at helping health and social care professionals to spot possible signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE). This shows a range of health professionals in a variety of settings interacting with a vulnerable young person presenting with the warning signs of someone at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Breaking Through - Moving on from CSE

Resources from BASIS and York University featuring real life stories of young people moving on from CSE and their advice for young people, parents, carers and professionals.  

It's Not on the Radar: the hidden diversity of children and young people at risk of CSE in England

A report from Barnardo's about how CSE can affect all children, including those with disabilities, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, faith or economic background. 

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities 

The Children's Society have produced resources on how to keep Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children safe from CSE.